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Meme is a collection of memes presented on paper.  The meme is a photogram of an inanimate object created by the artist.  This image has been combined with text taken from people’s posts on social networking sites, advertising and news stories from the internet.  This combination leaves the viewer with disjointed and juxtaposed narrative.  This body of work continues Herne’s exploration of how we interact and communicate with each other online using social media.

The work aims to highlight the absurdity and banality of everyday life and how it has been impacted by new forms of communication.  The work also enquires about our privacy in the digital age.  Each meme is an insight into a friend, family member, acquaintance or stranger’s life.  By posting on a social media site they have released their thoughts into the public domain giving anyone full access to their insights. 

With the internet giving us freedom to say what we want, do we actually say anything of importance and how are we perceived by others because of the things we post online?

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